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Our creations come directly from their initial source, carefully picked from their creative mother, the Berber artisans, Who know Berber rugs better than any carpet specialist.

Berbers market is a part of the Berber community, a family of Berber craftsmen with great ancestral know-how inherited from one generation to another and always committed to the development of Berber craftsmen.

When you buy a carpet from BERBERS MARKET, you are not only buying a carpet, you own a part of the patrimony of the Berber family that created it with love, and it's also considered as an investment because handmade pieces of art take their real value with time.  

BERBERS MARKET works with the most ambitious and talented artisans in Morocco with know-how passed down from generation to generation.

Beware of non-authentic and low-quality Moroccan rugs, BERBERS MARKET provides a certificate of authenticity and guarantees handmade, authentic, and 100% natural Moroccan rugs.

This rug is handmade by an artist craftswoman from one of the oldest tribes in Morocco, such as the Beni Ourain tribe, a beautiful region of the Middle Atlas mountains in northeastern Morocco, this tribe has a great artistic heritage . In the Berber language (Tamazight), the name of the tribe means (free people). the Great Beni Mrirt tribe, a region of the Middle Atlas, Mrirt is the second-largest city in the province of Béni Mellal-Khénifra.

the Great Azilal tribe, a region of the Middle Atlas Mountains in northeastern Morocco (Beni Mellal-Khénifra region) known as the "valley of happy people".

Besides the unmatched spiritual and aesthetic appearance, a machine-made rug loses its value quickly and does not last very long.

 Invest your money in a handmade rug that will last for decades and bequeath it to your family as a family heirloom, or you can sell it because it is always increasing in value.

We can't deny that Machine-made rugs all look the same. You will never find a rug that looks like a handmade Berber rug. Your handmade Berber rug will be unlike any other in the world because it has its own soul.

In stock rugs are delivered within 3 to 5 working days. Custom rugs take 4-6 weeks of weaving (besids all the weaving process is sent to you in real time by videos and pictures), then delivered via DHL or FedEx to your home within 3-5 business days.
In the event of unavailability, you can postpone delivery to the desired day or ask to collect your package at a relay point.

The imperfections of handmade rugs prove that it's a handmade product because the hands of craftswomen are not a machine and it also gives it character and charm and increases its iconic value. You can find unusual borders, color fading, imperfect shapes, each rug is unique and has its own soul.

Any interior designer or rugs specialist will recognize an authentic Moroccan Berber Rug.

You will love the softness of the handmade wool rugs. You will immediately feel a special sensation of relaxation and well-being. walking on your handmade Berber carpet will become a daily ritual.

Our homes are our comfort zone in which we relax, sleep, dream and reflect. Our house is also the image of our family, our possessions, and all that is dear to us.

works of art energize our living spaces.

Berbers market handmade rugs are a multisensory work of art that can be admired from a distance or snuggled up in its tenderness, also it can be displayed like an art painting. Our Berber rugs are an uneven treasure that has been made using techniques passed down from mother to daughter.

A Berber rug will suit all your taste and decorating styles perfectly! 

Industrial, Classic, Modern, Scandinavian, Bohemian, Kinfolk, Ethnic, Baroque, a work of art that will bring a touch of elegance and authenticity to your universe.

Support sustainable, eco-friendly Creations. 

Our Berber rugs are 100% organic, made of high-quality wool, and dyed with vegetable dyes which also add benefits to the wool. These materials have been used By Berber craftsman families for centuries and have proven their longevity and biodegradability.

Berbers market, Support Ecology For A Better World.

Our skilled artisan partners are our collaborators. Craftsmen are fairly remunerated and also benefit from subsidies that allow them to flourish financially and personally and take care of their families. We are committed to human and labor rights.

In addition, 20% of the profits are reinvested in the development of rural communities that deserve more.

Our rugs are treated and cleaned by professionals before shipment.

We guarantee the highest quality of clean and natural rugs.